Gaming PC Hooked up to 46" HDTV need tuner card learning

So I've built all of my previous PC's but now that I have a 1080p HDTV I would like to move all my entertainment related PC activities to the living room. I would like to use this PC as mainly Gaming and DVR/Streaming/Moviewatching

My TV is a Samsung LN-T466-1FX it has a VGA, S-video, and HDMI in

I want to use a Radeon 4890 1GB for the main GPU and eventually add a second for crossfire, which connection would be best? I have heard that there is a DVI to HDMI cord out there would this be best?

Second question (and this one I have no knowledge on and really need help) what Tuner Card should I use, I will be using Win7 64bit as the OS
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  1. I've looked around and think I will be going with the Hauppague 1850 sound good?
  2. I don't think that it'll be the best for gaming, as the response time is 8ms or so, so you may see some ghosting.

    You should be able to get a 4890 with an HDMI port on it. Just be sure not to get an HDMI cord from Best Buy or Walmart or anything, as you'll generally pay upwards of $70 for a $7 cable.

    As for the tuner, I'm not sure. I'd keep poking around, reading reviews and such, as I'm not that knowledgeable about them.
  3. Hauppuage 2250 is the prefered HD Tuner today...That what i have on my system with (2x 4890) on 70inch HDTV. I got it from newegg.

    Hardware and Software works well with Vista-64 and Media Center. This is the card that got me the best results...

    hauppuage 2250: Hardware and Software works well. HD Recording is excellent.
    ATI 650/600: A lot of software issues and don't work with Windows Media Center
    hauppage 1800/1600: Analog TV Reproduction is a degraded version in comparison to std TV
    Pinncacle HDTV pcie: Hardware is great but it has software issues with very slow support
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