Who will survive longer? AM3 vs LGA 1156/1366

I have read the CPU guide 2.0 :) very nice and detailed!

My concern is which motherboard socket is it worth to go with in the long run?

The new AMD socket AM3? Or one of Intel's LGA 1156 or LGA 1366?

On the CPU guide 2.0 the LGA 1156 longevity was questioned http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/267801-28-buyer-guide

And from other websites I have read speculation that LGA 1366 is short lived too, because Intel is planing to release new type of CPU soon that will not be compatible with either of the LGA platforms.

I am trying to select a new mobo for my build, and was leaning towards Intel i7's but this information was somewhat alarming. :o
I could not find a lot of concrete information on this issues so please help!!! :hello:
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  1. New i7 980x hex-core will be on the 1366 platform along with new chipsets i believe, 1156 is questionable as said.
    AM3 will have hexacores very soon as well and new chipsets in the coming weeks.
    If you have the money, go i7 9xx, if not, go AM3
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