Cpu overheating, psu dieing, my options

Ok I'm writeing this from an ipod touch, so bare with the mispellings.

So three fans in my computer stopes working right. My CPU overheated because of that.

I have detumined that it is either the psu or the motherboard, if it's the psu than every thing is good when the one I ordered for my little brothers computer comes.

But if my motherboard is failing I'll need a compleatly new computer.

Could I take the hardrive out of the old on, put it in the new computer, uninstall the old motherboard and graphics card and have it work in the new computer?

I don't realy have the money to get windows 7 own or other but by next christmass, along with a new harddrive.

If there is nothing wrong with my computer besides the psu, how big of a psu should I get it, I'll get at least 500 watt but I'm thinking higher so I can butt it when I get a new computer on my terms.
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  1. Please post your config along with the PSU and watts.
  2. My CPU is a hyperthreded p4. 3 ghrz I don't remember the exact model
    3gb ddr2 ram
    Gforce 6800
    Don't remember the motherboard, I think I wrote it here some other time but searching that on the touch... It will take some time.

    The psu was 450 watt and it lasted 4-5 years some where in that range

    Tell me if you need more info than that
  3. Need help, I'm looking at a decent 600 watt psu for 30$ I need to know is the motherboard standard has changed at all so I know if it will work in my computer reguardless
  4. What is the make and model of the power supply? I seriously doubt it is a high quality 600 watt power supply for $30.00.
  5. alidan said:
    I'm looking at a decent 600 watt psu for 30$

    No such thing as a decent 600 watt PSU for $30.

    For the system that you have, this would work well:
    Corsair 450VX

    If you plan to upgrade to anything less than 2 video cards, this would be a little better:
    Corsair 550VX
  6. It's a deal for today, it's 100$ marked down and with a rebate

    I want to know now if the powersupplys of today will work in a older motherboard that is one of my bigger concerns right now.
  7. I believe my motherboard has 24 power pins but only 20 are being used.

    Can someone explain why?
  8. Can someone tell me if it will work in my computer, I need my computer and I need a little piece of mind that a newpsu will work In my motherboard
  9. List the brand and model of the power supply you want to buy.

    Without that information it is impossible for us to make a valid recommendation.
  10. I'll comeback with that later, I just want to make sure a psu made today will plug into my p4's mother board
  11. It was a psu recomended by someone else for the computer I'm building for my little brother

    I'm almost 100% not that it will work

    Reguardless if it works or not I'm going to need a second psu, I'm thinking 500 watt

    Can you recomend a good and inexpensive psu?
  12. I will probably keep the vx450w powersupply

    2 of the fans aren't spinning more importantly the one for the CPU isn't spinning

    Are there any last tips? If not, I'm planing to take it in to get repaired... I love that computer and I realy don't want to give it up yet, even if it is ageing.
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