First Build! Cooling for ASRock Z68 Extreme7 Gen3 with i5 2500K?

I am currently interested in trying my own build. I am very new to all this and have learned what little I know from articles, reviews, and forum posts on multiple sites, Tom's Hardware being the most helpful. I'm aiming to also design an xbox 360 game from home as a hobby, which is what got me into this. I need a great gaming build with compatibility with directX 11, hardware 3D acceleration, XNA framework, graphic and 3D design software, etc. I have decided to go with a:

MoBo: ASRock Z68 Extreme7 Gen3
CPU: Core i5-2500K

Recently I read an article stating that the first thing anyone should consider for their build is a working cooling system and a chasis to fit it on. So my question is:

What are some good options that work great with the ASRock Z68 Extreme7 Gen3 and Core i5-2500K?

(I would like to keep my budget reasonable but options less and more expensive are both appreciated).
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  1. Air cooling with a well designed case should be sufficient unless you are into extreme gaming. Water cooling is an option, but overkill for most builds.

    Read,3053.html and,3058.html

    Well ventillated cases with rational airflows can provide good cooling.

    Corsair has great cooling cases, but so does Antec, Cooler Master, Lian Li and others.
    It depends on what you want to spend. I am a fan of my Corsait 600T which cools well and is relatively quiet.

    I have modded out my fans for Cougars which have good airflow and are quiet.

    I prefer closed loop cooling because they cool as well as the best heat sinks, don't clog up the case and exhaust the heat directly out of the case. I am running the Antec 620 H20 with a push-pull fan config, and it cools amost as well as the 920 model.

    My idle temps for the CPU run about 30 C at idle and 50 at gaming load. My GPUs run at about 30 C & 40 C at idle and go up to about 45 C and 55 C at load. But then again I am not doing extreme gaming.

    You can get a good cooling case for as little as $50. This is a Tom's recommendation:
  2. Thanks Chesteracorgi. I did happen to read those 2 articles already, it was what made me post something asking about cooling. I was wondering about heat sinks and water cooling but I agree unless I'm trying to build a power tower, it seems like overkill.

    I've read great things about the 120mm s. So I'm glad to see you suggested them.

    I was also wondering what kind of set up is sufficient. I noticed in those articles there are many placements I could use. Eg) I have never seen a power supply house on the bottom. What's your opinion on those.

    Nevermind I see the case you recomended is a bottom mounting power supply chassis. That answers that.

    Any opinions on this deal. It's linked with the Rosewill Challeneger.

    I myself was set on getting a ASRock Z68 Extreme7 Gen3 and a Crucial m4 256GB SSD (maybe I could sell what I dont want out of the deal but 614 for the rest sounds very inticing considering the crossfire set-up is something I'm interested in.

    And what about thermal paste? Is it worth it?
  3. The easiest setup (and one that works well) is intake from front bottom, and exhaust out the top rear. You can add side panel fans for direct cooling to the GPUs. If you have more intake pressure than exhaust it doesn't hurt, but you tend to collect dust inside.

    The combo deal isn't bad. If you think that it suits you go for it.
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