First time bulding. need advice

I'm about to build my first comp, and based on feedback in other threads, i've picked out every part but the case and cooler. However, i'm not sure what to look for in those.

here is what i have

cpu- i7 920
mobo- asus p6t
gpu- radeon 4870
hdds- either 1 or 2 caviar black 640 gb's (raid 0 if 2 of them, and if i get one, i'll get an ssd when the price drops a bit)
psu- antec truepower tp-750

i'll be able to find a dvd drive no problem, but i wasn't sure about the case, and if i needed a cooler. i don't really know what to look for in those. someone did suggest a scythe mugen cooler to me, but idk if i need it.

also, is there anything else i need to build the comp. i know i need paste, but does that come with the cooler? and i heard i might need an 8 pin extension cable because a bottom mounted psu might not reach the cpu.

thanks for any help you give.
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  1. RAID 0 is more trouble than gain IMO . All it can do is speed your boot and loading times by a few seconds ,while doubling your chances of catastrophic data loss .
    Its also not that simple to set up an array and for your first computer I'd recommend leaving this well alone .

    Your computer wont need a 750 watt psu . 650w will be more than enough

    You do not need another cpu cooler . The stock one that comes with the cpu is fine .
    An aftermarket cooler can cool better or be quieter than the stock item .

    Get whatever ATX case you like the look of , but read the reviews and see if it has decent cooling and fans .
    The antec 300/900/902 are popular because they are great value and good for gamers
  2. that's good to know about raid. i'll skip it for now and get an ssd when the price drops.

    the reason i want to get 750 watts is that in the future i'll probably end up getting 2 new cards and crossfiring/sli'ing them together.

    i will be overclocking my stuff a bit, so you still think i don't need a cooler.

    and as far as cases go, i don't think i want the 900 or 902, they seem to just add flashiness, and i'd rather not have the bright blue led's. but how does the 300 compare to the antec sonata and the antec solo. quietness is something i want to take into consideration, and i hear they are quieter, but are harder to work with and don't fit all graphics cards. any thoughts on which one would work for me?

  3. I have the Antec 300, 900, 1200, and Sonata (aka Solo) cases. the Sonata is small inside but keeps your setup very quiet. It is also pretty heavy. I like it a lot.

    The gamer cases are lighter and have more room to work with. If you want a case that will do both, then get the new Antec P193 or P183 cases. I have the P182. It's quiet and it has room to work with. The P-series cases don't have all the flashy lights which was why I bought it. It was built with cable management in mind and has a very clean look.
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