MSI P67A-GD65 + i5 2500k OC to 4.5GHZ

So I've decided to go with these settings, after changing them for a while:


CPU Base Frequency [10kHz] [10000]
Adjust CPU Ratio [45]
Adjust CPU Ratio in OS [Disabled]
Internal PLL Overvoltage [Enabled]
EIST [Enabled]
Intel Turbo Boost [Disabled]
DRAM Frequency [DDR3-1600MHz]
DRAM Timing Mode
DRAM Configuration 2T-9-9-9-24 Everthing else [Auto]
Spread Spectrum [Disabled]
VDroop Control [Low VDroop]
CPU Core Voltage [1.36v] (Shows 1.352v in Cpu-Z)
CPU I/O Voltage [Auto]
DRAM Voltage [1.507v]
System Agent Voltage (SA) [Auto]
CPU PLL Voltage [Auto]
PCH 1.05 [Auto]

(Next are in "Cpu Features")

Active Processor Cores [All]
Limit CPUID Maximum [Disabled]
Execute Disable Bit [Enabled]
Intel Virtualisation Tech [Disabled]
Intel VT-D Tech [Disabled]
Power Technology [Custom]
C1E Support [Enabled]
Overspeed Protection [Disabled]
Intel C-State [Enabled]
Package C State Limit [No Limit]

The problem is that when I started up the PC, it waited for a while and turned itself off. Then after like 3 seconds it started back up and booted normally. Why does it do that? (I have the latest BIOS version by the way).

Also while stress testing with Prime95, the temps are ~50-75 Celsius. Is that okay?
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  1. If you find out what causes this i'd love to know, ever since i overclocked my pc will turn on and off multiple times before starting sometimes, though other times it boots straight away.
  2. Well I raised the Vcore by a little, and now it boots fine.
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