Asus p7p55d board won't boot

this is my first build and I am at a loss as to why my board won't start up. It doesn't look like there is anywhere it is being grounded and yes the 24-pin and 8-pin are both connected to the power supply.
When I press the power button the VGA_LED light turns on for a split second then off but nothing else happens. its only the motherboard, no graphics card, ram, cpu or any of that has been put in the motherboard.

any idea as to what the problem is?
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  1. Run through this checklist, let us know the results of each step:

    If you don't have a case speaker you should look into that. Deciphering the beep codes will help you know where the problem is. See step 16 in the link above, or get one here:
  2. I have virtually the same board. Mine's the P7P55D EVO.

    You can't start the motherboard without the CPU, graphics card, and RAM, at the very least. You can start the motherboard without the hard drives. The CPU initializes the graphics card and the RAM, which is what you would need to see the screen.
  3. Came here to make a post about the same issue.

    Asus P7p55d pro
    intel i5 750
    ocz pc3 10666 ram
    coolermaster hyper212 plus heatsync
    thermaltake tr2 430

    I went through the checklist and nadda.

    1.Yes, been going over and over the manual.

    2. 2 4 pins connected in to the CPU power.

    3. Yes; everything seems tiptop with standoffs.

    4. Yep; have had this geforce 8500gt for awhile never had an issue plugging it in.

    5. Yes: card is plugged in.

    6. Yep tried one stick in the different slots.

    7. Yes fully inserted.

    8. Yes; correct slots

    9. Yep; plastic gaurs removed.

    10.CPU should be installed correctly.

    11. Thermalpaste should be applied correctly.

    12. Yes fan plug in.

    13. No stock cooler.

    14.Don't believe so.

    15. Probably


    17. Yes

    18. Yes.

    19. Yes

    20. Yes

    21. Don't have integrated

    basically powers up, no beeps, CPU flashes red and it powers off then repeats. I e checked the heatsyncna dozen times and seems fine.

    Totally stumped on this
  4. @MurdocBurns:
    That's a hint. The CPU is a likely culprit. Are you sure it's seated correctly and no mobo pins are bent? Try taking it off and reseating it.
  5. Yeah, tried that a couple times; think I'll need to rma it to find out. The manual mentions a constant red CPU led but not a blinking one so this is why it confuses me.
  6. It might be your PSU, then. It might be collapsing immediately after the components request power. Are you sure your CPU is in good working condition?
  7. The CPU, ram, motherboard, and power supply are all new so I have to assume they are in good working condition; but you never know.

    Thanks for the help, I'm just trying to do everything before I declare one o these components faulty and send it back.
  8. MurdocBurns, at step 16, what beeps are you getting from the motherboard?
  9. No beeps, unless I delbertly remove ram or video card
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