Is this a motherboard problem? What causes this?

I had been using my system for a long time without any hardware change. Then one day my PC would freeze while playing games. It would freeze for maybe a minute, but would come back. This happened a few times until the display went black and it seemed my PC turned off.

Power button wouldnt work. Display did not read no signal, it just cut. The PSU was still on, powered, and fans spinning. CD rom light is on without blinking. GPU, harddrives and motherboard power light are off, completely.

My CPU fan is still on.

CPU, powersupply and CDRom are all on one side of the board, and they get power.
HDD, GPU, motherboard light all on another side, and they don't.

PC will boot FINE. run FINE. Until it just shuts off, seemingly with no trigger, leading to the above situation. Diagnostic tool on 4 sticks and manual testing says rams fine. PSU is fine.

Which only really leaves GPU and Mobo. Is this a motherboard problem? I can't imagine it is anything else? Can this be software? I don't get it.
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  1. Mouse movement always triggers a picture on the screen for power saving settings. You may have an item overheating on the motherboard or power supply. You'll have to do some basic troubleshooting.
  2. Can be many things.

    1. Hot temps on a component...checked temos....have you "de-dusted" lately ?

    2. Wavering PSU OCCT CPU / Mem / GPU and PSU tests and check graphs at end of test

    3. Overcluttered OS (need fresh install)
  3. replaced the PSU already thinking that was the cause. So its a fresh PSU, seems to work fine. Same exact issues as the other PSU. So i'm inclined to think that the psu is fine. Dusted when i installed the psu, so the box is squeaky clean. I also thought it was software before hardware, so its already running a fresh install.

    If it was the GPU that was crashing, wouldn't it be just freezing the whole system or throwing error screens? Would the GPU cause these particular syptoms?

    In the mean time, ill boot her up and run the occt tests. And as a rule, i generally do NOT overclock things, so that is out.

    Its strange that only some parts get turned off and others stay powered. Thats why i am inclined to say its a motherbaord thing
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