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all my files disappeared from my desktop on my computer how do i recover them? Also, everything from my Start menu disappeared. I have tried System restore, Searching for different file types, and looked at the anti virus/protection and nothing seems to work. I have also lost music, pictures, and school work of all different file types. For some reason though, I still can access the internet and through my searches, it reads that I still have memory on the computer.

Does anyone have any clue what to do?
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  1. Are you logging in as the same user? Have you messed with the Users settings?
  2. A virus will do this, it sets folders to Hidden.

    Go though this http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/248626-45-simple-free-guide-removing-malware

    Then you need to go to the folder options and check off "Show Hidden files". Go to C:\Documents and Settings, right-click All Users, uncheck Hidden. Do the same thing for your user directory.
  3. Used the website above and it found 181 malicious attacks. Deleted those. Thanks! Clicked on the hidden files in the control panel. The files show up now, but they don't show up solid like the other items on my desktop. Also, my Start menu is still blank.
  4. The files are still showing as hidden. You need to Unhide the directories in All Users and your directory. Once the Hidden tag is gone, the folders will show up in the solid color again.
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