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I'm currently shopping around for RAM and my plan is to get two 4GB(2x2GB) kits so that I have 8GB total. I'm looking to spend about $150-$175. Somewhere around there. I'm not looking for top of the line, just something decent and reliable for minor gaming (namely, The Sims 3, WoW, Simulators), video editing (ex. Adobe Premiere), and photo editing. So, something decent at a reasonable price. It will be for a EVGA P55 MB with an Intel Core i5 Quad 750. I'm open to anything that is not too expensive.
Also just on a side note, is it a bad thing to keep a laptop in stand by when it's not in use? I've heard people tell me it's ok and others tell me that it's bad for the system to have it in sleep/stand-by mode.
Please and thank you. :D
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