Are these temperatures bad?

Yeah, the program says it's hot, but what is Temp2 and Temp3? My Core(assumed CPU?) and HDs are fine, so how hot can these undefined objects get?
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  1. try hwmonitor and what is your cpu model and name
  2. Try some better apps imo.
    HWMonitor,CoreTemp,GPU-Z to name a few.
  3. SpeedFan works fine for me, I put a good bit of time understanding it. And I'm using a Gigabyte 880-FMA-USB3 mobo. Aren't the sensors on the mobo?

    EDIT: Unless the program could be reporting false temps? Is that possible?
  4. try to unselect automatic fan in speedfan and put under configuration all the desired temp at 35 c also log them
  5. I used to, but it decided to spin a retarded speed at low temps, example:
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