GTA IV Parental Control Error Message,Win XP SP 2

I am using win xp service pack 2,when i try to start gta iv it says 'the application you are attempting to launch failed to start.This could be the result of it being blocked by windows parental controls/Family safety.Please make sure you have access to the application before trying to launch it or contact support at'.What do i do to play the game?and my pc meets all the system requirements needed to play the game. I am the only one who knows about parental controls in my house
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  1. Update to SP3 and try again.
  2. I have updated sp2 to sp3 but the same error.What do i do next?
  3. I don't have any parental controls in my pc but why does it shows the parental control error?
  4. The parental control isn't from the OS, is from the game.
  5. Then how do i change it?many people are having the same problem.
  6. i was also having the same problem.But i solved it.(create a new rockstar games social club id and in your date of birth set the year as 1985 or older.).this is the only solution.
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