Best 2.1 speakers for under $50

I'm looking for some good speakers for my computer for under $50, preferably less. I was thinking about the Logitech x-240 but what else is there?
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  1. These altec lansings might be something to consider.

    Overall though I would be inclined to go with Logitech. While they dont have the musical street cred that some of the older name brands have (altec lansing, bose, klipsch, yamaha) they do usually offer good value for the price.

    (i have a fantastic Klipsch ProMedia GMX A-2.1 set thats way out of this price range)
  2. for some reason, the x240's just disappeared off Newegg. weird...

    However, those Altec Lansings don't really appeal to me for some reason, but hey Ill just keep looking
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