PCIe card for 8 SATA Drives

Hey guys !
(Long time reader, first time poster, so I say a big hello to this great community ;) :bounce:

My media server is built on a mini-itx Zacate board with 5 SATA and one PCIe 16x slot.
http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813154019&cm_re=sapphire_E-350-_-13-154-019-_-Product (wthout the fan).
I have an additionnal PCIe card that adds 2 SATA III ports also.

I currently have a system SSD, and 6 2To green drives (5 for data, 1 for parity, I'm using Snapraid http://snapraid.sourceforge.net/ on a Windows7 system).
My problem is that I come short on available space :(

I could update my system with an 8 SATA board and 3-4 PCI/PCie slots, but for the moment I'm very pleased with my Zacate (less than 25Watts when storage disks idle) and planned only a "small" upgarde of 2 or 4 disks.

What PCIe card hosting 8 SATA connectors (and compatible with my system) would you recommend ?
Price will be a very important factor, overall performance/build quality being right behind.
Of course I absolutely don't need SATA III on this card.
And I forgot the most important: I don't need any hardware raid on this card (even if it's sometimes not so easy to find cars without raid...)

Any specific controler that I should avoid ?

Thanks :)
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  1. Sorry to add a new message, I'm not allowed to edit, and forgot something...

    After some reasearch I found out that it would be better to avoid cards with 8 SATA connectors (expensive, slot, PCie &X,..), and much better to get cards with 2 SAS connectors.

    Any good idea ?
  2. I read the SnapRAID, that is pretty good.
    It's the same thing as UNIX zfs but in Windows. How does it run?

    Anyway sine your system requires on additional HDD, regardless size, brand and models (mix drives),
    You can use a combo of PCIE 4x eSATA with PM bridge to expand up to 20x HDD
    The nice thing about this is:
    You can just add five drives increment at a time
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