Hp deskjet 1280 driver free download for windows 7

I need driver for HP Deskjet 1280 printer in Windows 7 ultimate installation
Can you really help?
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  1. From the support.hp.com site

    "The Driver for Your Product Is Included in the Windows 7 Operating System
    Install the driver using Windows Update"

    start windows update and install ALL the updates avaliable.
  2. this is bullshit and rascal ppl site... the admin is son of bitch....
  3. I have been using the Windows Vista 64 bit driver on Windows 7 64 Ultimate for a couple of years now. It works flawlessly!

    This driver is available from the HP support site. I don't recall needing to pull any tricks to get this driver on Windows 7, but there is something at the back of my mind saying I needed to rename something - except everything looks as though it's native HP.

    Enjoy it's a great A3 printer that can be picked up secondhand as people discover their printer isn't supported within Windows 7 (and maybe W8?)
  4. The link from the version on HP's website is below, this is the version I use and can confirm this driver supports all the printers core features under Win 7 and has never been a problem.


    Driver download sites always cause me unease, especially the ones where they generate their own installer packages etc.
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