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I recently completed all the Optimizations listed in this article for windows and ssd's.

I partitioned the drive in two, and noticed in c: my computer, right click, properties that "Allow files on this drive to have contents indexed in addition to file properties" is disabled on the c: partition but not the e:(2nd partition).

Should I do them all again for the e: partition?
Should I make these changes for my HDD storage drive also?
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    Well if you had read the article on toms hardware you would have seen that any of the steps past number 7 give back minimal or no returns on performance or wear on your SSD, and in some cases actually hurt performance.

    The other thing is that the majority of the changes listed are assuming that the SSD is the boot drive (i.e. C:\) so things like prefetch and superfetch are only used for the OS drive as far as I know.

    To answer your question you will have to go through and implement the changes you want to make on all of the SSD partitions that you have with the exclusion of the registry edits, hibernation, system restore, and others that you fixed by changing windows OS settings.

    You should absolutely NOT make these changes to you HDD storage drives.
  2. Here is the link to tecmo's up to date article that j2j663 mentioned:,2911.html
  3. Not sure if you have an iphone but if you do also check this tread:
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