AMD Radeon 6990 vs EVGA GTX 590

Looking at new build and trying to choose between the following:

AMD Radeon 6990
EVGA GTX 590 classified 3MB

Want to run 3 monitors offsingle card for now @ 2560 x 1600 HP 30"

later on going to same card in SLI

anyone have a distinct advantage over the other

considering ease to overclock, stability , custome service , performance.
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  1. amd 6990 has more memory so it will be usefull in high resolutions .also radeon overclocks higher and runs stable.on the other hand many people have burnt their gtx 590 while trying to i recommend hd6990.
  2. 2x 6970
  3. yeah manu is right a 6970 cf would be a far better choice.(not too far xD)but in terms of money.
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