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Having so many problems now??

Last response: in Motherboards
February 27, 2010 8:51:07 PM

Starting to wonder if it is just Win7 or if mobo is starting to crap out?

It ran on Win7 for at least 2 months and not having any problems (but with windows updates in the past on other windows os have had problems after updating). But, some of my problems tell me it's not the OS but maybe just my mobo starting to "crap out"? For instance: The Graphics Card interface is now saying (through GPU-z) that it is PCI express v1.1, but know it was saying PCI express v2.0. Another thing is having booting problems. From a off state: it would not get past the screen that displays the ecs logo, where you select boot device or settings (bios) if needed.

I have updated the bios, but had to do it in Vista because 7 would not let it run. I had updated all drivers for Win7 install and in fact had no problems once I found them. In fact, the win7 install went pretty smooth. Had a couple drivers that gave me problems (such as IDT audio that came with the mobo software). But turned out to work better with win7 over vista. Another note to mention is: Vista 32bit and Win7 64bit (have both on this comp. Vista was of course the original OS when I built it and went with 32bit because at the time didn't think all my programs/software would run on 64bit). And of course when I got Win7 I had to go with 64bit. I don't think that is an issue tho. just wanted to mention in case it could be.

comp. setup...
mobo: ecs gf8200a v1.0 (bios version 080015 - according to CPU-Z)
CPU: AMD Athlon X2 6000+
Ram: OCZ 2gig x2
Graphics: ATI HD4870 (512Mb ver.)
PSU: Antec EA-650
Case: Coolmaster CM690

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February 27, 2010 10:04:22 PM


I went to Vista and seem to have the problem there too? Well it says my PCIe is on v1.1. Now that does NOT make sense because unless it is bios that is controlling that how would both my OS be affected? I have not updated Vista in a while cause I was just using Win7 since I installed it...hmmmmm?!?!?!?

It is a bit confusing to me.
Someone please give me some advice on this. Also to mention, I have a constant sound coming out of my speakers (the sound is in relation to "device stopped" warning). It repeats and stops for a few then repeats again. Even while on here typing this. This is getting so frustrating. Was it because of using "sleep mode"? Because it started making that sound after I starting using it?

I like to think I know something about computers BUT now I just want to boot it out the window and never touch another computer in my life (but will miss the gaming on it :(  )