VIA VT8237 series SATA RAID Bios setting utilty V4.00

I purchased a new DVD (SAMSUNG S-ATA 22X DVD Writer)
I've OS (Windows XP) which deal with it well
But, the Bios cannot see it and I received A message when start up My PC says: (VIA Tecnologies Inc.VIA VT8237 series SATA RAID Bios setting utilty V4.00
Copyright (c) VIA Techologies, Inc.All Reserved.
Scan Deveice, please waiting ..
Hardware intiate failed, Please Check Device!!!
The Bios does not be installed. Press(g) to continue!)
Note: I've (ASROCK P4vm800 Motherboard .. "APG 8X")
So, I cannot Install any OS(Windows) by Booting way
Please feedback to me by the solve
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  1. Go into your BIOS settings and make sure your SATA controller has not been set to RAID. You're going to want your SATA controller set to AHCI or ATA to assure it can recognize a single drive. Even then, you may have some problems, when your motherboard was designed most DVD drives were connected via a standard ATA connector. However, if your BIOS supports this type of drive, then this should help.

    BTW - Don't forget to change the boot device (when installing the OS).
  2. I don't know anything in maintenance, dear
    So, clear the steps, I'll do to make the Bios read the DVD, please
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