Worth upgrading to p55/core i7?

Hi, I was wondering if upgrading to a Core i7 860. a cheap (around $100) P55 motherboard, and the cheap ram is worth it. I currently have a gtx 295 and a q6600 @ 3 ghz. I would use the gtx 295 in the new system. I need to know 2 things. Will I see a huge performance increase in games with the Core i7 860? I don't want to bother upgrading if there is really no frame rate benefit. And what kind of RAM do I need, if I do decide to get the i7, to overclock to near 4 ghz. I am kinda on a tight budget, so RAM costing less then $100 for 2x2gb would be best. Thanks.
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    ^ It would depend more on the resolution that you game...Obviously that i7 would do well with SLI scaling...

    A cheapo P55 mobo wouldn't have good phase controllers onboard that would help overclock that i7 higher...So maybe wait till you save enough money to buy a decent mobo atleast the Gigabyte UD4 and then upgrade...


    If you feel your games lag, then go ahead and upgrade...else I dont see any point upgrading...Maybe you can try overclocking your Q6600 more...if it is a G0, it can reach 3.6GHz with good air cooling...So that might help reduce some bottleneck if any...
  2. I play all games in 1920x1200 (as long as they support that resolution.
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