MSI 6950: OC'ing gets no better performance

MSI Twin Frozr II R6950

No matter how much or little I overclock the core or memory I get absolutely no performance gain, in fact I seem to lose a couple FPS. I'm only going up 10mhz at a time and testing (takes a while like this). I got up to as high as stock 6970 settings (880mhz core/ 1375memory) to no avail. I'm testing with Furmark, BF3, and Skyrim. The ONLY thing that has made any difference is turning the power up 20% in CCC. Seemed to pick up an obvious few fps.

I've tried oc'ing with just the CCC, I've tried Afterburner, Trixx, etc... I've turned off the CCC completely and tried afterburner (with the .cfg fix to full unlock) etc.. NOTHING.

Also noticed in Afterburner if I mess with the voltage at all, even a little bit I'll get kicked out of my games.

Performance is great at stock clocks, I'm not complaining but damn everyone talking about oc'ing theirs to over 6970 stats and unlocking shaders etc... why can't I? :(

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  1. ocing doesnt always means better frame rates.
    if u talking about score thats a different issue
    and unlocking the card is just a different story.
    if u want guidelines on unlocking tell me then , i unlocked mine
  2. wait did u say it is twin frozr ii
    no the tf2 cant be unlocked but tf3 can be.
    sorry , if it is unlockable then idk but i read it is risky as it doesnt have bios switch.
  3. I'm glad someone bumped this as I actually solved the problem. Yes it's a Twin Frozr II. I unlocked the shaders only using a patched version of the stock bios (both cards as I'm now running 2x6950). What fixed my OC problem was DRIVER SWEEP! I didn't realize how shitty the ATI un-install proggie is!!! I uninstalled everything related to AMD Display. Then ran driver sweep in safe mode and couldn't believe how much *** was still there! Got rid of all that, did a fresh install and guess what? OC WORKS AMAZINGLY!!!! I have it sitting stable at 900/1350 on both cards getting 88fps in Furmark 1080 bench. All my games are running beautifully fast.

    Only thing I am having trouble with now is in After Burner I can not increase my voltage or it will BSOD. Anything over 1118 it will BSOD no matter what my clock settings are. So for now I'm stuck at the current OC, which isn't a bad thing.

    Thanks everyone!
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