8gb DDR3-1333?

Well, I hate to turn this place into a virtual shopping mall, but I've got a quick question about some DDR3 memory kits.

I'm basically looking for the cheapest 2x4gb DDR3-1333 kit that I can get. I know this is making me sound cheap, but I don't plan on overclocking my memory in the near future, nor do I need a $500 set of heat spreaders that can withstand a nuclear blast at room temperature. Maybe if there's a problem with the memory performing extremely poorly, then I'd be willing to spend an extra ten dollars.

Any suggestions? I'm sure you perfectionists out there are gawking at this post right about now...
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  1. At newegg, you can get 2 sets of gskill pc1333 2x2gb at 1.5v for an even $202 shiped. You can probably bump up the voltage to 1.65 if you ever want to run it faster.
  2. Well, I've already got 2x2gb in it right now, but if I'd fill up all DIMM's with 2gb modules, I'd only have 8 gigs, compared to the 16 specified max if I were to use 4gb modules instead of 2gb ones.
  3. Why do you need 8GB?
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