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My name is Zach and I have installed a 2.0TB hard drive into my Dell computer. Whenever I use the computer my hard drive works fine. Creating path letter for it and everything. It is healthy and everything. As soon as I restart my computer, the path letter I have chose for my 2.0TB drive is no longer there and I have to go under disk management again. I have Windows 7 32bit and the BIOS says everything is good to go. Besides restarting the computer, everything works like a charm
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  1. 1) Is this a primary or secondary drive?
    2) What is the model of your Dell PC? (If an older PC, it might not fully support 2TB drives and is causing an issue) A BIOS update might be a good option to try.
  2. 1. Secondary
    2. Dell XPS710
  3. 1) I would make sure my BIOS are updated to see if that helps.

    2) Is the drive set as GPT & not MRB? You will more than likely need to have it set as GPT with a 2TB drive. Here is an article on 3TB drives but a lot on the concepts / fixes might apply being your system is older... http://www.pcworld.com/article/235088/everything_you_need_to_know_about_3tb_hard_drives.html
  4. 1. I have the latest BIOS update
    2. How do you find out if it is set as GPT or MRB?
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