Best Air Cooler for LGA Socket 1155?

What would you guys say the best air cooler for LGA 1155 is? I'll be overclocking a 2600K or 2700K as high as I can for a safe 24/7 overclock (i.e. max load temps <70C).

I've read that the Noctua NH-D14 is the best, but wanted to make sure there weren't any other coolers out there I was skipping over.

I'd really like to water cool, but the system I have put together is going to run almost $500 for a CPU only loop (GPU to be added later when I update cards), and I'm just not sure the performance gains are worth that much.
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  1. The NH-D14 is pretty much the go-to air cooler. You could go for the Corsair H80 or H100 if you don't want a full on water cooling system.
  2. I ahve the corsiar h-60 it is okay as a start
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