GA-EX58-UD3R, Sata hard drives and an IDE disk drive problem

I am by no means a hardware expert, so I bow my head to the hardware Gurus.

My scenario, I have :

GA-EX58-UD3R Motherboard
3 Sata Hard Drives
A CD/DVD combo on the IDE

I installed the trial version of windows 7 a while back with my new computer hardware. However, my CD/DVD drive stopped working, so off I went and bought a new one... this also didn't work

I've looked into the jumper options.. and all the options I've tried for the CD/DVD still do not make the drive visible in the bios or operating system (Master.. and at the end of the cable, slave and Cable Select)

Is it actually possible to have and IDE CD/DVD drive when you only have Sata hard drives? ( I just can't believe it would be possible!)
I've been playing around with the bios for... well months, and I just gave up

Now my windows activation is about to run out, and I have no way of installing windows 7 without a cd/dvd drive. So my questions are

for my scenario:

1) Should the CD/DVD combo drive be set up as a Master on the jumper options (It's the only one on the IDE cable, it's added to the end of the cable, and the end of the cable does not have a blue end)

2) Is there something simple that needs to be set in the bios, when you only have a CD/DVD on the IDE ports, and the rest Sata Drives ?
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  1. I would use the 80 pin blue cable if you can find one for your ide dvd drive. Try disconnecting all the other hardrives and use just the dvd cable. If it detects, try the others one by one on each sata port. Set the ide jumper to cable select if you have that option. The sata drives should all be detected if they're prepped properly. I use the hardrive manufacturer's software to set only one as boot and the others as secondary drives. Maxblast 5.0 works great on seagate and maxtor hardrives. It's also possible the dvd drive is going out. I got my samsung dvd for only $22 shipped from newegg recently. It's 22x and works great for a bare drive.
  2. It's not easy to tell colours with European energy saving lights! But none of the IDE cables I have, have a blue end

    The IDE cables that came with the mother board is Green-Grey-Black...
    The Others I have are also Green-Grey-Black...

    I've tried all the jumper options with these cables.. but to no avail.

    [at the price of cables.. and the fact that I only have one day left until the trial ends.. It's probably just worth buying a sata cd/dvd combo?]
  3. Okay.. got new cable... and I've done a little test, adding IDE on its own to the end of the cable

    Some things show up, and some things don't.

    My Maxtor IDE Doesn't show up with CS Jumper settings
    My Hiachie IDE does show up with CS Jumper settings
    Neither of my 2 cd/combos show up with CS Jumper settings

    I think my BIOs hates me... it just doest want me to be able to use CD/DVD drives.. the annoying thing is that I have already bought windows 7 on CD... I just can't install it without a CD/DVD drive!
  4. Try booting with the dvd drives one at a time and see if either one is detected. The hardrive software acts as a boot device; I have actually added sata drives while the system is running and this software will detect them when windows won't. Maybe you are cursed. Too bad I can't help you in person. I've been building systems for 19 years and worked at dell 3 times assemblying components or handling them.
  5. yeah.. .it's not even being detected when I just have the CD/DVD combo on its own (no Sata and no other IDE drives)

    I think my bios it picky...

    I can believe 2 different CD/DVD drives would be dead (one of them new!)
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