Recovering data from broken hard drive

i have an omnitech flash drive, and ive had it since i was in 9th grade. im a sophmore in college now. i have saved many things on this flash drive, and now i cant get it to work. i plug it in to my window's 7 laptop, and it makes the sound that it has connected, but i cant get to any of my files, and it doesnt show up that it has registered. i would really like to get to work off of this flash drive, so if anyone could help me i would really appriciate it
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  1. Hmm, sorry, I don't actually know anything about repairing or recovering from flash media. I'm assuming you don't have any backups (including hard printed copies of documents) of the files on the drive?

    While I can't speak for anyone else who has (yet) to post, I would recommend bringing the flash media to a data recovery IT center for an opinion.
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