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My processor is Athlon II X4 630, mobo: Gigabyte MA785GT-UD3H. i got a pair of 2GB OCZ Platinum Low Voltage DDR-10666 1333MHz (or so it's labeled)

SPD shows DDR-8500F and i have google and figured out that OCZ are selling DDR-8500 chips which are "capable of" 1333MHz

so now i set them to 1333mhz, 7-7-7-20, auto voltage (about 1.6V) and the ram seems doing fine....i'll run memtest86 again later tonight....

but the worst part is that i don't know if i will have potential problem keep running them at 1333MHz and at those timing.....

also, with my Gigabyte MA785GT-UD3H board....i have all sort of other advanced setting that i am reading about

now i have the following settings, are they fine?:

FSB:DRAM 3:10 (1:3.33) from CPU-Z
TwTr: 5T
Trfc0 110ns (stick1)
Trfc2 90ns (stick2)
Write recovery: 10T
Precharge time: 10T
Row Cycle: 33T
RAS to RAS: 5T

any insight?
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  1. Theyll be fine, they supposed to run at that speed anyways :)
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