Mouse Pads vs Gaming Surfaces

I have seen many article throughout the Web about "Precision Gaming Surfaces," Ratpadz, and all the other high tech mouse pads.

I have an MS Intellimouse Explorer Optical and I play Unreal and QuakeIII online, and I use a very genereic, but clean mouse pad. You know, the spongy kind with a fabric cover.

Would I see a real difference if I switched to one of these $20 mouse pads? Has anyone tried them?


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  1. I really doubt it. All those mats are for ball mice, the people who use the Razor Boomslang 2000 and such.

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  2. I think they are nice. They don't wear out, they are easy to clean, and the surface really <i>is</i> faster when precision movement is required.

    A "must have" for online gaming with an optical mouse. But get a white one, if you can find it. Optical mice work best with a light colored surface, instead of the standard black.


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  3. I have Logitech ball mouse and I use VooDoo pad - it kicks some serious ass.
  4. I bought a "gaming" mouse pad - I forget which one it is, because I am not at home, but I have an optical mouse and when I'm playing games I do see a difference. The pad I got is 2 sided, one side is coarse and the other is smooth. It's pretty cool, I'll reply when I go home and look at what it is.

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