USB Device not Recognized

I'm sure everyone's had this problem at least once: Windows cannot recognize a USB device. Currently, none of my USB ports are recognizing my wireless adapter. Oddly, everything else works fine. My external hard drive, input devices, etc..

I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the adapter's software, to no effect.

My system:
HP XW4300 Workstation
3.4 Ghz CPU
4 GB DDR2 memory
Nvidia 8400 512 MB
Win XP SP 2

I desperately need help- I'm crippled without internet access.
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  1. Try looking at the BIOS screens and disabling any ports not in USe (COM, Parallel Printer Port if using USB printer, Game/Midi). Restart Windows a couple of times to reassign resources.

    Worth a try.
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