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I have an Asus M3A78-EM that shows a problem in Device Manager. It's listed under Other devices and says that it is an Ethernet Controller. I have no idea how to identify this device further so I can clear the asterisk.
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  1. Can u try this

    run it in compatible mode for WinXP
  2. There is a missing driver for a device that is not identified by brand name. It's not a program, so I don't see what compatibe mode would solve.
  3. Since this is a board is a bit older and you have installed a brand new OS on it, the first thing you should do obtain all the latest Win 7 32 bit compatible drivers from the ASUS website for this motherboard (namely and most importantly it appears like you need a LAN or Ethernet driver at least) and install them if you have not done this already. If you have and you are still having this issue, let us know.
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