USB dead - need to recover data!

I have a kingston USB drive which contained some VERY important data. It is dead now. Its light does not blink, and it does not get detected in Windows. It looks like this:

Can I replace the big large chip on another USB with the chip of this USB? Will it work or is there any other method to get it working? The data is extremely important for me. Thanks!
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  1. no it is pretty much a dead end once the Flash memory dies. I wouldnt have thought that taking it off and mounting it on another USB stick would help, all Flash drives have limited read writes so it probably has just expired.
  2. It was just an year old and it was working fine a few days before. I think it is dead for some other reason. But the reason is not important. The important thing is the data thats in it.
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    depends on what failed in the flash drive, controller or the Chip. If it was the controller there are a few programs that you can google that might allow you to access the data but if it was the chip then your Data is lost unless with the only exception of using Data Forensics which would very expensive.
  4. The USB isnt detected in Windows. Its light does not blink too so will any software be able to do anything?
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