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I'm having a hard time trying to find the right components for me to buy. I basically want something that is going to be fast for rendering 3D and video. A typical gaming rig with a single quad core processor isn't going to be fast enough. I'm looking at the server motherboards and see that those have two or even four spots for processors. I've been browsing newegg and it looks like the Tyan boards seem to have the most features. I've always been an Asus fan but those boards don't look like they have as much. It's easy to compare processors on here for a regular gaming setup because of all the charts this site has. I just don't see the same stuff for the server processors though. I really don't know whether to go Intel or AMD. I was looking at possibly a Tyan board with 4 AMD processors like this:

Or an Intel system with possibly two of these:

Which setup would be faster? I still want it to be a regular workstation where I can play games, listen to music, etc. The heavy lifting will be the video editing which is what I really want it for. What are some good recomendations for a motherboard and processors around $1500?
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  1. You should stick to the workstation MOBO's this is overkill for sure. I have 3d files that are 5gb assemblies that I run with zero lag. Get a nice Mobo 8-16gb ram and a quadcore with the right graphics card for the job. I run 2 separate cards one for 3d and one for games.

    Spend your 1500 on that.
  2. Wouldn't at least one extra processor and more ram make a difference in render time though? Right now there are AE compositions that can take me 8+ hours to render with a dual core setup.
  3. I think the most power you could get for $1,500 is two AMD 2427 (6-core, 6MB L3, 2.2GHz, 75W), and one of these:

    They are better than the Tyan ones, because they don't have an outdated chipset, have faster hypertransport and PCI-E 2.0.
    Newegg doesn't seem to sell Opteron 2427 CPUs, but should be around $600 each (they're £360 in the UK).

    That would be $1,500 just for the Mobo and CPUs, but would give you 12 cores, if you don't want to spend quite that much there are two other options:
    A: start with one Opteron 2427, then buy another later.
    B: uses Opteron 2378 (4-cores, 6MB L3, 2.4GHz, 75W) instead, only $225 each (£135 here in UK).

    All three motherboards above are E-ATX, so don't need an expensive case (i.e a Sharkoon Rebel 12 is a cheap decent large case).

    Also worth noting that server memory is more expensive too, and with a dual cpu boards, it is best to install them in lots of 4 identical sticks, to keep it balanced. Looking on Newegg, the best option looks like getting either 4, 8, 12 or 16 of these:
  4. I was expecting to spend more on the memory. I figured around $500 or $600 to start with, then I can always add more.

    So you think using the AMD 6-core processors and using DDR2 memory will give me better overall results than using the Intel processors and DDR3 for this price point? I wish there were server CPU charts.
  5. For that price, you can't beat the 6-core AMD for performance.

    $500-600 will still get you 16GB to start with, which isn't bad.
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