Overclock / BIOS flash -> internet problems

Hello everyone. I'm new to this site and also new to everything related to overclocking.

I wanted to try it out for myself and decided to search up on the internet about overclocking.

First I updated BIOS to latest version (P5KPL chipset p35/g31/g33) 0603 -> 0805 version.
Then overclocked 333mhz -> 360 (10%).

I'm trying to OC an e8400 btw.

Left memory clock on auto (downgrade to 667 or not?)

Anyway temperatures are fine but I got a BSOD during stress test so i took it down to 5%, everything fine..

Now I don't know what is causing this but whenever I try to load a page it says I'm disconnected or that the page I'm trying to load has an invalid header name. I'm using a router, maybe this is the problem?

*I'll probably (most definitely) sound like the average newbie that comes on here, or even worse. Or this question might've been asked before, but I really don't know where to look, searched google for similiar problems but didn't find any.

Any help is appreciated.
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  1. The first thing you do if you suspect a fault caused by overclocking is to restore your system to stock speeds. Then see what happens.

    It really does not sound like your problems are caused by your overclock.
  2. Sorry for the wait, I went to sleep yesterday.

    Anyway, I've returned to stock speeds and everything seems fine now. Does this mean I should just keep stock speeds? I thought a p5kpl + e8400 should be fine with overclocking?
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