My dvd drive/writer WON'T burn DVD+R DL discs anymore! :(

Plz help! When I try to burn data on DVD+R DL disc, it goes to 4% and then stops. No matter what data and size i am trying to burn, IT STOPS EVERY TIME! Sometimes on 2%, sometimes on 5%.... :fou: I don't know what to do! Is that something about my dvd drive/writer or something about operating system? I have Windows 7 Ultimate x86. The exactly name of the drive/writer is "PHILIPS SPD2414T". Here is the picture of it ==>> Please help me! Tnx :)
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  1. Have you tried more than one brand of media? There just might be an incompatibility with the media. Since you wrote "any more," I am assuming that at one point it did successfully write a DVD+R DL; please let us know if is has _never_ done this.
  2. I've tried 3 brands of media. And yes, it did successfully write a DVD+R DL, but now it just won't! Sorry if my English is bad. :)
  3. English is fine. If a) it used to burn them, and b) it's not the media, you may have a failed writer. Two other things that I would try: In your write software, change the write speed to one notch slower than it's defaulting to and see if that works. And either try the writer in another machine or another writer in yours.

    Something, somewhere, is busted. Let's hope it's just the data cable.
  4. I think its a failed writer...and data cable, hmm i don't think so...Ok, thanks, i'll try to change software and speed.
  5. I think it's a failed writer, too, but sometimes it's worth the effort to do a few tests to make sure.

    OTOH, if you have a local store with a good return policy, buy a new drive and try it. If the problem goes away, solved. If not, return the drive.

    Speaking of which, is the original still in warranty?
  6. Yeah, you are right about tests. This is a small town Smederevo, near Belgrade in Serbia. So here in this town, we have just one Shopping Center, so i would not say that they have a return policy, once you buy something, you can return it, but only if it's in warranty and its dysfunctional. And no, my dvd drive is not in warranty. I've tried with changing software speed thing, it's same. Today I'll try it on another pc.
  7. I've tried drive on another pc and problem was still there. That's it, I'll buy a new drive.
  8. Sorry to hear it.
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