PC won't recognize USB 2.0 2.5" HDD but Laptop does!!!!

While I was loading some files on my Iomega portable HDD their was a power cut... Since then the PC won't recognize it.. Just got some bip sounds from the HDD which is on by the way.. But the weird thing in that is that my laptop recognize it very well.. I check with other laptops and they do but on others PCs nothing.. How can this be.. I removed the HDD and tested it on SATA on PC and it worked all fine... So where's the problem in that!!!
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  1. Hi there, & welcome to Tom's Hardware!

    Not an uncommon occurrance, but difficult to pin down. First specifically identify if there is a relation to the OS on the computers that sees it OK, and the PC's that don't. For example Win-XP reads it, but Win-7 or Vista doesn't.

    Also, if both the laptop and desktops can read the SATA connected directly, then it may be surge related bad component in the iomega case itself.
  2. Hi thanks dear,

    I checked on Win7 and Win XP on both.but worked only on the Laptop.. I think you are right the problem is with the USB interface of the case. I have already purchase a case just in case.

    I still don't understand that.. A PC is more powerful than a laptop and has more power to feed to the USB.. that's just so weird
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