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I am running an i7 950 (no overclock) with a corsair A70 cooler attached.

The case is a powermac aluminum tower that I modded to fit ATX. there is so much airflow. (lots of other case fans, exhaust, etc)

question is - my idle temps on the CPU are 32 ~ 36c. Under load Im at 50c ~ 60c.

I have reapplied the paste and resat the cooler 3 times and it is still the same.

I know these temps are well within operationg range, but the idle seems high to me, as I have read that many other people with idles of 22c ~ 26c on this processor with air cooling.

Is there something wrong? Or am I worrying about nothing?
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  1. hehe no nothing is wrong with your idle temps, idle temps are almost COMPLETELY useless and are COMPLETELY based on your ambient temps, i get 35c+ idles here in my haf 912... thats just because i live in a desert
  2. ok cool just wanted to be sure
  3. Ambient temps are? If the air in the room is warmer, then the CPU will run warmer.
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