1st time HTPC Build

1st off...Big fan of the site and forum.

I'm a pc junkie who hasn't build a computer in years, and I need some suggestions/help if possible; I'm not familiary with the new family of CPU's, GPU's, or RAM. I will say that I'm partial to AMD tho ^_^ *woot*

This is my 1st HTPC build, and consequently...my 1st forum post. :)

My goal is to built a HTPC that:
-Will support a 720p LCD TV
-Serve as DVR to record/playback shows
-Great for audio 5.1 output
-Be a decent gaming computer
-Be fast
-Be low cost
-Be quiet without watercooling

any suggestions would be appreciated.
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  1. You can build all kinds of HTPCs, but to keep costs down even further you might want to focus on triple core phenom IIs. Right now I'd say a 4870 is the best deal for above average graphics, though that will probably change in 2 weeks. 4 GB DDR3 RAM, as much storage as you can afford, and a high quality case. I'd recommend Lian Li cases for a HTPC build since they are very classy without lots of bling, have pretty good airflow, and are easy to work with.
  2. for the dvr, do you need over the air/local channels on cable or all cable channels (if all tyou need a cableCard, usually pretty damn expensive)
  3. You could lessen the cost even further if you revert back to ddr2 ram. Its cheaper and you wont notice the difference in performance vs cost on your low cost build. This will require a ddr2 supportive motherboard.

    Did you want blu-ray? You will need a blu-ray drive.

    I would use Cyberlink Power DVD 9.1, it can upconvert your dvds to 1080p which is awesome. The clarity in your videos will impress you.

    TV Tuner card:

    Make sure you have a pci express slot (the small one) available for this card. If not then go for the regular pci slot version.
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