Help needed for oc core 2 duo

I need help for over clocking c2d E6750 at stock cooling for max gaming performance.
My RAM is currently running on 1:2

Cpu: core 2 duo E6750 2.66 4mb 1333
Mobo: Asus p5g43t-m Pro
RAM: Single Kingston 4gb ddr3 1333 (kvr1333d3n9/4g)

Any help will highly appreciated.
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  1. your main issue will be hitting max FSB for your motherboard rather than the max speed of the cpu. For a start, drop your ram to below 1333 so you have some room for OC. Now start bumping up the FSB, you should be able to get it to 1450 without atting more voltage to the northbridge or HT. Im not familiar with the motherboard. Its more of a trial and error, and when you start bumping up any voltages you have to be carefull or you will end up with a dead board/cpu. With stock cooling measure your temps under prime 95 load. If its getting past 65C on any of the cores then you need more cooling before attempting any overclock.
  2. Please explain, I'm new and noob in oc ing )
  3. if your a noob to OC'ing you should just research it. If you have no basic understanding on what to do then we cant help you. There are hundreds of tutorials about overclocking and core 2 CPU's already on the net. I suggest you use google and start learning about OC'ing. A good start would be by researching the different options in your BIOS and what effect they have. if you dont know what FSB is then you really need to start learning something about computers. Sorry to be a bit harsh, but you wont get far if you have no idea what your doing.
  4. Before doing any research, I a have question
    Is my rig is ok for OCing?
  5. Before doing any research, I have a question
    Is my rig is ok for OCing?
  6. your stock cooler may be a problem. keep an eye on your temperatures. download HWmonitor to monitor temps, and something like prime95 or superpi to put the cpu under load. you want to keep your temps below 70C under load.
  7. defectx said:
    Before doing any research, I a have question
    Is my rig is ok for OCing?

    You won't know until you do the research. :)

    But I would say, "Not particularly." Your CPU has a relatively high FSB freq and a relatively low internal multiplier. I don't know about the G43, but the G31/G41 chipsets have a limited FSB range.

    How do you know your RAM is running 1:2?

    I thing you misread something. CPU stock FSB freq is 333 MHz. Stock RAM frequency is also 333 MHz. Stock RAM clock is 1333 MHz. If your are running stock freqs, CPU-Z shoud report a 1:1 FSB:RAM ratio.
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