Removing pavilion motherboard a1133w

Im trying to replace mb in an hp pavilion a1133w. I removed all the screws, but it seems like the 2 (digital audio in & Out) R holding the board in???
Thanx in Advance
PS Saw old article about this MB (Asus Goldfish 3) missing PCI Express slot, mine is also missing this slot. My question is can U just find the slot & solder it in place 2 enable MB's PCI-E 16X capability???
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  1. Quote:
    Missing pci-e slot? LOL

    It's not missing, it just has an agp slot instead because it's old.

    No you cant solder on a pci-e slot and audio cables don't hold a motherboard into the case.

    No It's not AGP either's the dreaded Suck Ass PCI!!!
    That's why I was inquiring about adding the PCI-E slot.
    There R solder Points where it could go and is even labeled PCI-E x16, just no physical slot???
    They (Asus) probably use the same boards but with the slot intact on "REAL" (Not HP) computers?!!?
    I was just wondering if the slot is ALL that's missing or if there's other stuff left off the board to enable x16???
    The Board is Asus Goldfish 3.
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