M4A79 with amd 940 not posting

Well, I was messing around in the bios and accidently changed the cpu voltage to .8 or .85 something like that. It go saved and booted down, so I boot it back up and nothing, the fans (cpu fan too) drives, and hdd are all powered up but nothing on the screen at all. No beep for it posting not anything. I removed the mobo battery and moved the jumpers to reset the cmos and still nothing. I am kinda out of ideas. Everything is plugged in the 24pin connector along with the 8 pin as well into the mobo. Brought it down to 1 stick or ram and nothing, took out the vid card nothing. basically i cant even get it to post. I was reading somewhere that it might be the power supply but I find that hard to believe since it was working perfectly up until my little mishap.

ASUS M4A79 Deluxe (just installed a week ago with no problems)
AMD Phenon II 940
4x 2 GB Corsair Dominator DDR2800 (8gigs)
Antec 1000W PS

*Edit also not to sure but when I have everypossible thing unplugged from the mobo power wise, there is still light coming from it's power and reset button not sure what this is from though.
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  1. You should have a CMOS reset switch or jumper somewhere on the motherboard.
    It is usually located near the battery. Your manual should show where it is. And instructions how to use it.
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