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I have recently built a system with 630 propus, Gig 770 mobo, seagate 750GB HDD, 4GB Mushkin memory, ATI 4670 with WINDOWS 7. Will adding 4 more GB of memory help my general performance/load time enough to notice a difference for the money it would cost.
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  1. What's your peak memory utilization in Task Manager? If it doesn't even come close to 4GB, then the answer is no.
  2. I looked in task manager, but do not see any indication of peak memory used. It says i am using 23% of available memory right now. Where do i get those programs that show cpu temps and performance on the desktop. In most of the articles about overclocking cpu's, you will see results displayed in them. My windows & locks up on occasion. I would argue that it happens too often. What would be causing this and how can i diagnose the problem.
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    Performance tab. Commit Charge (K). You're interested in Peak after running your system for several hours. It will indicate the peak memory utilization since the last system reboot.
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