Anyone else pre-order 5870 from tiger?

I pre-ordered a xfx 5870 from tiger direct a few days ago. On Friday they said they will be receiving around 500 of the cards. I called back on saturday to see if they were in and the guy said they received a shipment and that they were in processing and mine will ship monday. Well, its sunday and the cards are still listed as "pre-order". I am worried I am going to get screwed here and wont receive this card for weeks. Anyone else pre -order a 5870 from tiger?
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  1. No, but the way I see it, keep looking for others. If you find one you can buy, buy it and cancel your tiger order. Or, if tiger actually has them, then you'll get one soon as you should. Hopefully they aren't lying just to keep your order with them. But I guess you'll know tomorrow, right?
  2. Guess so.... I just figured it be best to pre order it with tiger since on newegg id have to sit at my computer hitting the refresh button over and over all day which is no fun :(
  3. Yep, hopefully yours will ship tomorrow. If not, just keep calling and complaining until they tell you the truth. Hopefully they aren't lying to you though, that would be pretty low.
  4. Surprising that they would only get 500. That doesn't seem like many for a E-tailer.
  5. I'm still showing that tigerdirect is showing the xfx 5870 as pre-order only, do you know yet if they ever shipped yours out today?
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