ABIT IP35 PRo start problems

I have a abit ip pro 35 motherboard with a quad core processor and 8 gb ram. The PC works fine once booted but on switching off it takes 100 to 200 presses of the power button to get started. The display on th emotherboard shows F. on the press of the power button.
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  1. I would swap out the power supply first unless yours is new and a decent brand such as; antec, enermax, corsair, pc power and cooliing, seasonic, or ocz. I would also check the power button switch and wire; after all that pushing, it may be a goner. I just got a used htpc case off craigslist, and it works great. You might also check newegg today for any leftover cyber monday deals.
  2. I have the same board. The Post Code you have is F, which is perfectly fine. The Post codes/error codes are int he user manual on the Abit site, or the actual manual. Or Check http://www.abit.com.tw/faq/code.html
  3. no , infact..an interesting fact has come out. When I reduced my RAM the pc starts in lesser attempts. And the quicker I switch it on after a full shutoff, the faster it boots/starts. Only when the complete power is shut off does it create this problem. It seems that everytime I push the power button, something gets charged and thus the repeated attempts finaly makes it on. Could it be the power suppy(though I have an original Antec, 380W).
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