Integrated video on motherboard vs. old graphics card

I just built a nice little machine for my parents and everything is working fine but I had a quick question for all of you. I built the system using this motherboard:

I have my old GeForce 7600GS (256MB) in the machine I replaced for them. Is it worth it to install the 7600GS in their new machine I built? Is it going to be much (if any) better than the integrated video on the motherboard? Thanks.
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  1. Better how? Are the FPS to low for them?
  2. I doubt they are going to be doing any gaming above the Bejeweled level but they MIGHT want to watch some on demand movies from Netflix. I was just wondering if it would make sense to put the 7600GS in their new machine if it's going to be an upgrade from the onboard video.
  3. The GMA 3100 is about the weakest of weak, very nearly at the bottom of the list for performance, of any kind.
    The 7600 is about 4 or 5 tiers ahead of it on the hierarchy chart.,2404-7.html
    If they don't game, it's kind of a pointless upgrade....but if you aren't dong anything with the 7600 anyway, it would be a definet improvement.
  4. ANY video card that fits into a PCI/AGP/PCIe slot > integrated graphics
  5. Thanks. I apologize to anyone who wasted their time by reading this terrible question. Had I actually DONE SOME RESEARCH ON MY OWN, I could have answered my own question. After looking around I saw that the GMA 3100 got around 500 on 3DMark06 while the 7600GS got over 2000. I have no need for it so I guess I'll throw it in their machine next time I'm at their house.
  6. Good call, even it they don't need it, it will make them feel good to know their son/daughter is always looking out for their best interest.
  7. lmao
    comparing 7600 to 3100 ?
    well....7600gs wayy better than that integrated thing
    lol !
  8. On second thought, I guess they won't be getting it. I completely forgot the 7600GS is an AGP and the motherboard I bought has no AGP slot. I R DUM!
  9. A cheap PCIe card of just about any kind would likely be a welcome improvement for them.
  10. If the board had an onboard ATI or Nvidia solution, ehh, you might consider leaving the 7600GS out. Some of the nicer onboards offer HDMI and DX10 support. However, when you get a board with built on Intel video, it's usually a safe bet that any expansion card is better.

    Intel is weak in the video department.
  11. And yet they sell the most, odd.

    I was going to say try to not use it. It will consume more power, create more heat, and they don't really need it. As you pointed out, watching ondemand movies from netflix would be the biggest thing they'd be doing. I'm not sure what off load abilities the 3100 has, but I would think it would be new enough for what netflix wants to do. I would only worry about adding a card if the 3100 can't cut it. (and even then don't "go big".)
  12. 9400GT it should play crysis nicely at 800 x 600 no aa all low............
  13. Thanks for the responses folks. In hindsight, I should have done what jay2tall mentioned and got them a board with ATI or NVidia. I forgot about that as an option. I was either planning on no video card or giving them my old 7600GS. I guess I didn't realize how bad the 3100 was. Maybe I'll keep an eye out for a cheap PCIe card for them. Of course I'll have to get one that only needs a 300W power supply since I was operating on their budget and got them a Foxconn case that had one in it. I'm just glad I did a little better job building mine a couple years ago.
  14. If you want a different video card that is better than onboard you can try a 4350.

    If you want to use the 7600gs try a 400w PSU. something like this one?
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