Intermittent Lag spikes while Gaming on Wireless Linksys N Router

Hello, i am having intermittent lag spikes while playing wow through wireless internet and am wondering if there is any solutions to this problem. I use a Linksys Wireless N Router (WRT160N) and Linksys Wirelss N USB Adapter (WUSB600N). I have found threads solving this issue but not with Vista OS or using Linksys equipment. Also before anyone says go run a cable to my computer that isnt a possibility and im sure theres a way to solve the intermittent lag spikes as i have found threads were people solved there issue.
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  2. ping -t

    when you get a lag spike, go check to see if your ping to google is getting messed up to.

    The first step to troubleshooting is trying to isolate the problem to find out if it's "just WoW" or your network connection.
  3. I couldnt catch a ping test the lag spike is very short 1-2 sec but happens often atleast once every couple minutes. While using the internet normally (web browsing) its un-noticeable. When im playing a game how ever its very noticeable and makes it im possible to arena where every single second is critical. I am considering changing the router with a diferent brand as i have found numerious threads with people having the same issues with this router playing games. If anyone knows a very good router i should try please let me know. Im looking into a D Link Xtreme N wireless router.
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