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Hello everyone,

Well for a quite some time now i was thinking of buying an SSD Hard drive to speed up my pc.

At the moment i have 2 320 GB hard driver in Raid 0 and i am thinking of buying This SSD.
So i would like if u could to tell me the best way to setup my 2 hard driver plus the SSD for faster gaming performance.

For instance should i put the operating system on the SSD and then will i be able to run games from there(i dont care about making windows booting faster only care about gaming performance) ....and what should i do to the 2 other Hard drives :S. I would also like to tell me if i need to be looking at a bigger SSD in GB's for what i wanna use it and also some reviews on the SSD i am currently looking :D (hope its not that much big of a deal what i am asking for :D)

Thanks in advance.!
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  1. I don't think an SSD will make a difference in gaming performance other than load levels will load up faster. Once the game is in memory, it will run the same as it always does. A faster CPU, GPU, or additional memory will do more for gaming performance.
  2. well i searched the web abit and i found This video ... the hdd image is exacly what i am getting at.

    My system specs:
    Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 3.16GHz
    Asus p5q-e
    4x1GB OCZ 800MHz dual channel
    2x320GB HDD connecting in raid 0
    Coolermaster PowerPlus 500watt

    So with this system u are saying that i need to get more ram to get the results on the video i posted ?? and if not ...tell me what do u think i should upgrade:)
    Thanks for the fast reply.:)
  3. Did you notice the 3rd post down on that video:


    1) Was the video recorded on the same computer @ the same settings? If not this is not valid.

    2.) Did you ever defragment the HDD and make sure to not have stuff running in the background like a virus scanner with live scanning function on.

    I have 2 SSD's a 160GB G2 Intel and a 128GB Crucial C300 and never have I seen a big difference like this nor had issues like that when using a HDD.

    4 gig of ram is enough for most games. For most RPG games, I think a faster CPU & ram helps, for FPS games a good vid card helps out more.
  4. Well ok :D do u think if i go for like 8GB ram and OC my cpu to 3,8 or 4 Ghz cause i got This cooller on my CPU :P ( i know i am kinda stupid running the cpu in idle values when having this cooler :P) will there be a differnce in my gaming performance :P and if not what would u suggest me to go for:D

    Thanks for the info so far :)
  5. If, as is the case with the video, the games you play are MMOs, then a SSD might make a big difference.
    It all depends on how they load world and character data when moving around.
  6. Well yeah most of the games i like speding time on are indeed MMORPG :) so what should i go for :P SSD/RAM /OC CPU ? or go for the i5 2500k cpu with an asus p8p67pro plus 8 GB ddr3 1333Mhz ram :S
  7. You need a 64 bit OS to go over 4 gig.
  8. already runing windows 7 64bit :S with 4 gigs of ram ..what did u expect ..with 32 bit i would lose 800mb of ram ...:D
  9. I think the real question here is: How much are you looking to spend on an upgrade? Whether it be for SSD, RAM or otherwise. What are you willing to spend?
  10. Well i am thinking of going for about MAX 500euro upgrade but its gonna be in about a month so not sure what i am gonna spend the money on (RAM/CPU/GPU/SSD) i will see :D
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