Looking for a compatible graphics card for my computer?

Hi, I'm looking for a new graphics card to replace the one that came with this computer. I'm a gamer, but I can't spend over $100.00. Please don't say Nvidia. I used that with my other computer and the message 'display driver has stopped working and has recovered' message and now it can't start up. I just get the blue screen. So, I'm looking for any graphics card besides Nvidia. The computer is a desktop. It is a Dell Inspiron 530. The graphics card that is in it that came with the computer is Intel G33/G31 Express Chipset Family. The processor is Pentium Dual-Core CPU E5200 @ 2.50GHz (2 CPUS) 2.5GHz. I'm not sure what else you need to know. Thanks.
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  1. I think you'd want to look at the 4670 from ati. It's the only thing that would work well with a 300W psu.
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