Just buying and putting Athlon II 630 into my system?

Just wondering what is the WORST that can happen if I buy an Athlon II 630 and put it in my HP a1747C with an AM2 socket.
I currently have an Athlon X2 6000 in the system. I mean worst thing that can happen is it would not boot up right?
The processor I have now is more power hungry than the one I am putting in so I do not think it would present any power/heating issues...

Any possibility it would just "work" ?

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  1. No upfront issues...

    It might boot but I doubt the bios will recognize the 630, so it will show as an unsupported CPU and run at low speeds. Your best bet is a bios update from a time after the CPU was released and it should work.
  2. Very unlikely you'll have BIOS support for an HP that old, you'll probably never get it working.
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