Is my motherboard limiting my processor?

AMD Athlon II X4 630
MSI GF615M P33
2GB DDR3 1333

I purchased this configuration weeks ago.Most people advised me to go for 785G chipset.But i had to go for MSI GF615M P33 due to unavailability of MSI 785GM E51 in my town.It has AM3 socket and 2 dimm slots for ddr3 max 8gb.It was enough for me.Also i had a 9500GT from my old config.So i decided to go for this mobo.That time i didnt know about HT technology.My proccy can reach 4000Mhz HT link frequency.But this mobo supports HT 1.0 and the maximum is 1000Mhz.Now my proccy works in HT 1000 Mhz.Is it affecting its performance?

785G chipsets support HT 3 and have a HT frequency of 2600MHz.Is there any significan difference in performance when my processor works in 1000Mhz and in 2600MHz
HT link frequency?
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