How much of a difference will changing my mobo make?

I am just getting into the whole computer scene and I figured I would start out playing around with my current PC to further my knowledge.

Here is a link to the current PC I have:
Here is a link to the motherboard:

Its not a bad computer I just don't really use it for what it was intended. Mostly it gets used to surf the web, but I'm hoping to start doing a little gaming.

I have done a little looking and I came up with an Intel i3 540+H55 motherboard combo from newegg. I just dont know much about the configurations and whether it will be a plug and play deal. I am also going to upgrade the graphics card, etc. Any input would be appreciated!

It has a 300watt power supply.
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  1. Unfortunately, you'd be better off starting from scratch. And if your budget is really tight, you might consider an AMD system.
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